Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called to investigate this large red object washed up on the town’s beach this week. 

The team was called out on Wednesday afternoon when the object washed up at the northern end of the beach opposite the entrance to Maddocks Slade. 

A Burnham Coastguard spokesman said they quickly recognised it as a section of a navigation buoy, adding: “The back to back storms and fast high tides cause a very strong current that can cause all kinds of havoc under the water, this means things that are anchored in place are at risk of damage or breaking loose altogether.”

“This is what happened to one of the navigation buoys out in the bay.”

“Usually, it can be found sitting there minding its own business and keeping marine traffic from bumping into mud banks or Stert Island.”

“It was found washed up on Burnham beach on one of the sand bars near the end of the sea wall.”

“A member of the public had called and reported it in case it was anything harmful, so we were sent off to investigate further.”

“Upon arrival we quickly established what it was and the local Pilot was contacted, we helped him retrieve it back to a safe location ready to be reinstalled back to its rightful place keeping the marine traffic safe.”

“It was a good call by the person as not everything that washes up is harmless.”

Photo: Burnham Coastguard.