Holidaymakers in the Burnham-On-Sea area are being advised to take extra care on local beaches following a series of incidents during the past few days.

Burnham Coastguards and BARB Search & Rescue have been called out multiple times after visitors got stuck in beach mud.

Six boys aged up to 15 waded across the treacherous River Axe estuary from Weston to Brean Down on Sunday afternoon, causing a call-out for Coastguards, but no-one was hurt.

A young girl also became stranded in mud on Brean beach, leading to a call-out for BARB’s rescue hovercraft.

“She’d gone a little too far out and had got into difficulty while playing, but fortunately was fine,” said Burnham Coastguard Officer Ian Jefferies.

Separately, a seven year-old girl also went missing on Brean beach on Friday, prompting an extensive search by Police, Coastguards and the BARB hovercraft.

“She was found one mile away, safe and well, while collecting shells and had been oblivious to everyone’s concerns after her,” added Mr Jefferies.

The BARB hovercrafts were also called to Weston when a group of more than ten holidaymakers got into difficulty in beach mud.

“They’d been seen struggling on the low tideline in mud and were struggling to walk back. Fortunately, the hovercraft and Coastguards was able to guide them all back to safety,” said a spokesman.

The incidents have led to a fresh safety warning being issued by Burnham Coastguards.

“We’re advising that visitors enjoy our beaches safely – be aware of tide times, stay out of the mud, and take note of warning signs, and we’d encourage childen to play in those areas where there are lifeguards.”