Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards, Police and fire crews were called to the town’s beach on Thursday evening (June 21st) after a walker reported that a person may have been in difficulty in the mud.

Crews were called out at 7.37pm after a member of public was concerned for the welfare of a person who looked to be in the mud.

“The Police were already on scene but from their vantage point could not get a clear enough view of the person in question,” said a Coastguard spokesman.

“Our Station Officer liaised with the Police while the rest of the team made their way from the Coastguard Station to the jetty for a better view of the area where the person was seen.”

“Once we had established a good visual of the person in question it became apparent that they were fishing and in no danger.”

“It is a popular spot for fishermen and is often used by clubs for competitions.
We were happy that in this instance there was no danger or need to issue safety advice.”

“As we were preparing to return to station the Fire service arrived on scene as it had been reported to them too. By not asking for the appropriate service to begin with it can lead to delays in a rescue taking place. The Fire Service do deal with inland incidents in waterways but incidents along the coast should be reported to The Coastguard.”

“As always, it was a good call and a good spot by the first informant as the landscape dips quite a way on that part of the beach.”

If someone is in difficulty, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.