A stranded car on Brean beach has become a new tourist attraction – but Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards are advising people to stay away from it and not put themselves at risk.

The Volvo was lost to the incoming tide on Brean Beach on Monday after getting stuck in mud and soft sand and it is set to be recovered today (Wednesday, August 5th).

The vehicle – owned by a visiting family from London – had been driven too far down the beach and its wheels sank into the soft sand, as pictured here.

Burnham Coastguards were called but, after checking that the family was safely away from the vehicle, there was nothing they could do to save the vehicle before it was engulged by the incoming tide.

After two tides had covered it, a commercial recovery service visited it on Tuesday afternoon, but found that it was difficult to reach and the recovery is now expected to go ahead today (Wednesday).

The car has become a new tourist attraction, as pictured above, but Coastguards are advising people to stay away from it and not put themselves at risk.

Brean beach stranded car

A Burnham Coastguard spokesman said: “The vehicle recovery team arrived with a plan in mind but after several attempts to pluck it from its new socially distanced parking space it became evident they were going to need a bigger truck with a lot more pulling power.”

“Temporarily defeated, they headed off back to their depot to ready the bigger truck for another attempt on the next safe outgoing tide.”

“Our team waited until all had left the beach before heading back to station to decontaminate themselves and the vehicle and will await further tasking should it be needed.”

Car is lost to incoming tide on Brean Beach after getting stuck in soft sand and mud

“We would like to remind members of the public to avoid the vehicle as we had reports of people walking out to it and even of kids jumping on the roof. The ground around the vehicle could be unstable and have unexpected soft patches that you may become stuck in and the water around the vehicle could hide unseen dangers that you could cause injury especially if you fall off while climbing on it. Please stay away from it at all times.”

He explained how the car had stuck on Monday: “A couple had taken their car on the beach and the driver wanted to get closer to the water and, just as his wife said to stop, the front wheels dug in as the soft sand gave way under the weight of the car instantly trapping it as the tide advanced towards them.”

Car stranded on Brean beach

“As we know the tide in this area is fast incoming and despite help from onlookers to free it before the cold salt water started lapping at the wheels it would not budge and the water continued to rise quickly until the vehicle was completely engulfed and submerged beneath the murky waves.”

“Our team were responding to ensure there was no risk to any persons and when we arrived only the roof was visible which soon disappeared too.”

“After checking on the owners and ensuring everyone was safe and no one was in any need of medical attention we liaised with our Coastguard Operations Centre and the car owners about recovery.”

“Again, this shows the importance of knowing your surroundings and beach safety. This kind of error stirs up a lot of anger locally but we would like to say that no one walks away scot-free in this kind of incident.”

“This couple have lost their car, their transport home, their personal belongings and countless bills plus however long they will be without a car and that’s without the emotional strain this brings.”

Car stuck in sea on Brean Beach

“So although it could’ve been avoided the lesson is learnt and the cost is already high and the most important thing is that all concerned are safe. If you see anyone or you are in danger or difficulty while along the coast dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

Pictured: The vehicle stuck at Brean (Photos: Burnham-On-Sea.com, PGC Contracting)

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