Burnham-On-Sea residents and police have this week stepped up their efforts to ward off unwanted doorstep callers with the launch of a new ‘No Cold Calling Zone’.

Set up by Burnham Police, the latest zone is in Truro Close just off Winchester Road after local residents requested the scheme be implemented.

“The zones are clearly defined areas, indicated by signs, which have been installed to enforce the message ‘no’ to all uninvited sales people,” said a Burnham-On-Sea Police spokesman.

“All residents have received a sticker to place on their windows/door which states ‘no uninvited sales people – police will be called’.”

The zones are being put in place in partnership with Burnham Police and Trading Standards to try and prevent bogus callers and distraction-type burglaries within vulnerable areas.

“In order for the zones to be successful, residents must be willing to join forces by being vigilant and reporting anyone they feel may be a ‘bogus caller using the 101 number or, where callers are in their road, by dialling 999.”

It is not designed to stop regular rounds people, people who leave catalogues to order from, or meter readers.