A row has erupted between residents and Somerset County Council over the poor condition of a residential road in Highbridge.

Highbridge town councillor John Parkes says that Coronation Road’s cracks, uneven pavements and potholes make it an “accident waiting to happen.”

Local resident Pat Farrow told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “The road and pavements here are in a terrible state and not suitable for wheelchair users, children on bikes, or parents with pushchairs.”

Cllr Parkes added: “The roads and footpath need resurfacing before someone is hurt. The paths and the roads are so uneven – many parents use this road to get from the Morland Estate to Asda and someone will fall over here and get seriously hurt.”

“I’ve asked the county council to come out and take a proper look at the condition – not just do a patch-up job. I want the council to come and visit us.”

A spokesman for Somerset County Council said: “Coronation Road has been inspected and, although the road and footway condition is not ideal, there are currently no reportable safety defects.”

“The road has been included on our list of sites to be prioritised for future resurfacing works, although we do not currently have a confirmed timescale for this.”

“In the meantime, safety inspections will continue to be carried out to ensure the highway is maintained to a safe condition.”

But Cllr John Parkes responded: “I’m afraid the County Council’s feedback that the condition is ‘less than ideal’ is staggering, all the more so given the amount of pushchairs, disabled and elderly that use these footpaths. In my humble opinion it is an ‘accident waiting to happen’.”