A girl’s idea to install a memorial post box at crematoriums has been introduced near Burnham-On-Sea.

Matilda, 9, came up with the idea to install a post box to send “letters to heaven” when her nan died.

Matilda’s mum Leanne works at a crematorium and installed the first box at her work in Nottinghamshire.

Sedgemoor Crematorium near Burnham-On-Sea has now unveiled its own memorial post box people can use to send letters to the people they have lost.

“My nan used to work in a post office and she always used to say to me ‘I have my own post box here’,” says Matilda.

“When she died I was only four and I said to my mum: ‘If nan had her own post box here, why can she not have one now?'”

The first box was installed just before Christmas, and the idea took off from there, with nearly 40 of them installed across the country.

Sedgemoor Crematorium has now unveiled its own memorial box.

“I am so proud to be able to have one,” said Laura Williams from Sedgemoor Crematorium.”

“Everybody grieves so differently. To be able to offer something like this to people is incredible.”

Matilda said she did not expect her idea to become so popular.

“We thought it would be a nice idea and people would walk past and say, ‘Oh, how nice'”, she said.

Matilda said she still writes letters to her nan and grandad.

Matilda’s mum Leanne adds: “I think it has touched a lot of people’s hearts and I think it is such a simple idea that helps with the grieving process. Grief has touched everyone and now they have a way to channel that.”

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