deer rescued by secret world wildlife rescue

Burnham-On-Sea wildlife carers have rescued this tiny Roe fawn found by a member of the public, crying alone in a field in Cheddar.

As there was no mother to be seen and foxes were seen in the area, a member of the public reported the fawn to Secret World Wildlife Rescue as they thought it was at risk of predation.

“The fawn was 3 days old on arrival at the centre with the dried remains of an umbilical cord still present,” the charity’s Marlies Hebdon told

“He has been fed 5 times a day from 6am-midnight with a 3am feed to begin with and is fed on Lamlac milk formula.”

Laura, Katie and Jade were the three staff members assigned to look after the little one, taking it in turns to stay with him overnight.

“There is a huge commitment of resources and man hours being put into this young deer. Now at 3 weeks old, he is being fed on solids including apples, carrots, rose petals and fresh native browse, in addition to having milk formula feeds.”

“After an appeal for a Game of Thrones themed name, the fawn has eventually been called Gendry Baratheon after the character in the popular television series.”

“If you see a lone fawn please do not pick it up and seek advice from the nearest wildlife rescue centre before doing anything else.”

Secret World says it runs on donations from the public and if you would like to adopt a deer go to its website to fill out a form here: