Dog wardens in Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge are to step up their patrols amid concerns about increasing fouling of pavements and grass verges in the two towns.

Highbridge Residents’ Association has raised concerns about fouling in several areas, including Highbridge’s Morland and Poplar estates, plus Apex Wildlife Park during a public meeting.

Dog warden Tina Kick, who works for Sedgemoor District Council, told that patrols are being stepped up where there are known issues.

“We’re putting more attention on those areas where residents have let us know there are problems,” she said.

Tina Gray, Vice Chairman of Highbridge Residents’ Association, who is pictured with Tina Kick, said: “There have been a number of problems recently where dogs have been left to foul verges and pavements. It is a worry, especially to those with children.”

Fixed penalty tickets are given to dog owners, with fines starting at £50 if paid within one week and £75 within two weeks, while unpaid bills are escalated to the courts.

Town Councillor Chris Williams added: “It would be nice to see more foulers prosecuted and the fines widely publicised to disuade dog foulers.”

Residents with concerns about dog fouling in the Burnham and Highbridge area can contact Sedgemoor District Council by calling 0845 408 2540.

Pictured top is Tina Gray, Vice Chairman of Highbridge Residents’ Association, left, with Sedgemoor dog warden Tina Kick discussing the current issues at a meeting in Highbridge

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