Sand dunes have been cut back, beach safety signs have been destroyed and a beach access road closed along Burnham-On-Sea’s coastline following this week’s storms and high tides.

The sand dunes on Burnham-On-Sea, Brean and Berrow beaches – pictured here on Thursday – have been cut back 10-20 feet in some spots by this week’s stormy tides.

The beach access road onto Berrow beach is shut because of debris blocking the roadway and damage to its concrete surface.

Scores of beach safety warning signs have also been damaged or washed away, and a line of debris lies along the high tide line.

The storms have created tall ‘dune cliffs’ along several parts of the beach and walkers have been warned to take extra care if using the dunes where there are now steep drops onto the beach.

It comes after 70mph winds coincided with high tides, creating big waves that crashed onto the sea wall and affected local beaches, as featured here.

Talking to, Brean beach warden Dave Furber said: “It’s a sad sight – this week’s storms have cut back the dunes, washed up a lot of rubbish and many of our signs have been damaged or washed away, all of which will need to be replaced.”

Sedgemoor District Council’s landscape officer, Janette Burton, told “During this week’s storms, coupled with high tides, there has been some damage to the foredunes at Berrow Beach.”

“Whilst it may look extensive, the dune system is a naturally formed geographical feature and the sand will return on other tides – an example of Mother Nature healing itself.”

“The dunes are natural land forms which are shaped by winds and tides. We are sure that any damage done over the past week will remedy itself in the course of nature.”

“We will be carrying out appropriate sand fencing in due course should it be necessary to repair the dunes. The council monitors the condition of the foredunes and are assisted by Berrow Conservation Group.”

She added: “In March 2016, Bristol University Conservation Group visited the Berrow Dunes Local Nature Reserve and created sand fencing for erosion control on the foredunes.”

“The sand fence is a double row of stockproof fencing packed with sea buckthorn scrub which traps the sand as it blows up the beach. Sand builds up behind the fence and forms new dunes.”

The Berrow beach access road has been closed this week – it is blocked by washed-up debris and

The remains of damaged signs are scattered along parts of the beach at Burnham-On-Sea, Berrow and Brean

The district council plans to replace the twisted remains of this beach safety warning sign at Berrow

A big industrial drum was among the rubbish washed up at Brean

The dunes have been cut back by the high tides all along the coastline at Brean, Berrow and Burnham-On-Sea

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