Christmas decorations have yet to come fully down but supermarkets are already thinking about the next big seasonal event – Easter, which is months away.

Supermarkets in Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge are already stocking Easter products, many weeks ahead of the event.

Easter this year falls on April 12th and yet supermarkets have wasted no time at all in getting Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs onto their shelves.

Asda in Highbridge, pictured above, is aleady displaying seasonal Easter favourites from Cadbury, and has advertising stands promoting Easter.

And Tesco in Burnham-On-Sea, pictured below, is also getting in on the act with money-saving Easter deals already being promoted near the checkouts in the store.

Several local people have contacted to register their displeasure that the countdown to Easter is already on.

One reader, Simon Ratcliffe says: “We are still finishing some of our Christmas food and there are already Easter eggs on the flipping shelves at Tesco in Burnham – unbelievable!”

Another, Jane Williams, adds: “It’s so sad that the 12 days of Christmas are not even over before the Easter products go on sale at our local supermarkets.”


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