February 19, 2005
Burnham sea anglers toast the end of a successful winter season

Sea anglers in Burnham are celebrating the end of another bumper fishing season, having reeled in large numbers of Whiting and Cod during the winter months.

Several large catches have been made from the beach between Burnham Pier and Lark Spit, near the lighthouse.

“Just a fortnight ago we had two 12lb Conger Eels in one afternoon – they were big and difficult to land,” said Gareth Lloyd, a keen fishermen from Weston who has hardly missed a weekend angling in Burnham during the last 40 years.

“We’ve had plenty of mid-sized Whiting, some good Cod and plenty of Flounders. It’s not been a bad season at all, having started off particularly well and got a little quieter as the months have gone on,” he told Burnham-On-Sea.com.

“The numbers of fish caught from here have hardly changed over the years, though. The Bristol Channel is a good fishing area.”

His 12-year-old grandson Jack Brewer (pictured above) caught one of the best catches-of-the weekend, a large flounder weighing in at more than 1lb. He reeled it in from the incoming tide near Burnham lighthouse on Saturday morning (February 19 2005).

The winter fishing season traditionally runs from October to March, when fish migrate south to the warmer waters of the Bristol Channel. If there’s a late start to Spring and the weather remains cold, the Burnham season can sometimes be extended by a further few weeks.


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