Coastguards from Burnham-On-Sea were called to Brean on Saturday (May 30th) after the beachwarden found an ‘explosive object’ washed up.

Beachwarden Kevin Williams alerted Coastguards, who sent a team to investigate and safely remove the unexploded flare.

A small area of the beach around the device was cordoned off while Coastguards safely removed it.

“The flare was several years out of date and was still live so it could have exploded if it had been picked up,” said Kevin.

Burnham Coastguard Officer Dave Welland told “The best advice for anyone who finds a suspected explosive device like this is never to touch it and to stay away, then to let either the Beachwarden or the Coastguard know.”

“The beachwarden was right to alert us as soon as it was found – objects like this can be dangerous. It has now been safely taken away and will be disposed of.”