Fly-tipping his partner’s rubbish has cost a Burnham-On-Sea man more than £200 this week.

Five black sacks of refuse, discovered next to the ‘bring banks’ in Burnham’s Lynton Road car park, pictured, led council investigators to a woman living nearby.

Her partner, a 25 year-old man from Abingdon Street, admitted fly-tipping the waste in the car park, two streets from his home.

At a Magistrates Court hearing in Taunton on Monday (29th September), Sean Leonard Spolton admitted the deposit of “controlled waste… otherwise than in accordance with a waste management licence” and was fined £91 with £95 costs and £20 victim surcharge, a total of £206. He told the court he was “ashamed” of his actions and said it would not happen again.

Prosecuting for Sedgemoor District Council, solicitor Nigel Osborne, said: “This is the offence more commonly known as fly tipping, which is the illegal deposit of waste dumped or tipped in a location with no licence to accept waste.”

The prosecution is part of an ongoing initiative by Somerset’s district councils to crack down on fly-tipping and deter, catch and convict fly-tippers through better co-operation with police, new equipment, warning signs, newspaper adverts and further training for enforcement officers.

The case is the latest in Somerset since new guidelines on environmental crimes were introduced in July. A Somerset Waste Partnership spokesman said: “There is no excuse for fly-tipping. The rubbish dumped could have been taken to Highbridge Recycling Centre two and a half miles away and deposited at no cost.”