A Burnham-On-Sea football coach has put his sports first aid training to dramatic use by saving the victim of a car crash.

Richie Crook of Burnbridge Wanderers JFC found himself caught up in a real life emergency drama this week, just hours after completing a first aid course with Somerset Football Association.

He was driving to work early the following morning when the car in front of him suddenly veered across the carriageway and collided with a tree.

Richie rushed over to the scene and found the driver unconscious and slumped at the wheel.

“The previous night’s emergency training kicked into gear as I and a member of the public assisted the driver, moving him into the recovery position after opening his airways,” he said. “That appeared to start his breathing again.”

“I called 999 and with the help of the operator guided the ambulance to the crash, allowing the paramedics to take over and take the victim to hospital.”

Richie, pictured with his proud son, added: “It really goes to show how important it is for all football coaches and members of the public to attend such courses. Without this kind of training the scenario may have been completely different.”

He also thanked Burnbridge Wanderers and the Somerset FA for giving him the opportunity to attend the first aid course.

Burnbridge Wanderers continues to gain a chartered standard accreditation and is setting very high standards throughout the club. All coaches have attended various courses that allow them to train and deal with junior footballers.

Parents who are are interested in their children becoming members of the club or helping junior football can get in touch via Burnbridgewanderersjfc.co.uk.

Pictured: Richie Crook with his proud son at the football club’s Oaktree Stadium home (photo Mike Lang)

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