Burnham-On-Sea wildlife carers are looking after these three cute fox cubs which have arrived at Secret World Wildlife Rescue this week.

Two of the cubs are twins and were brought into Secret World’s centre in East Huntspill after losing their mother who is believed to have died.

The two, named Dillan and Dougal by staff at the centre, have been joined by Tobermory, a fox cub found in Bridgwater who unfortunately had also lost contact with his mother.

All three orphan cubs are being reared by animal carer Dan Bryant at the charity’s centre.

Dan told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “We are very cautious when orphans come in. If we can get them back with their mother, they stand a much higher chance of surviving with a matriarch to teach them how to hunt and hide within their own social group.”

“Fox cubs also tame very easily and need to be reared correctly to revert to their wild behaviours.”

Picturted: Three fox cubs being held by animal carer Dan Bryant at Secret World’s centre