berrow beach clean

A group of volunteers formed to keep Berrow’s beach free of litter will meet for its latest beach clean on Saturday (November 10th).

The Friends of Berrow Beach is appealing for helpers to come forward and and join the clean-up of the village’s beach after a week of high tides has left a line of debris.

The group meets monthly, collecting plastic rubbish washed up along the beach at Berrow.

Berrow beach clean

This Saturday, volunteers will gather from 10am-12 noon, meeting at Berrow Church, where new volunteers will be welcomed.

The Berrow group is led by Honour Greenslade and Sue Meads with the support of Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset’s Tanya Cox.

Please bring footwear appropriate for muddy conditions – all equipment is supplied. All children must be 5 years or above and accompanied by an adult at all times.