Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge residents can sign up now to Sedgemoor District Council’s garden waste collection service.

At a cost of £53.50 per year, those joining the garden waste scheme will receive 25 collections a year.

The scheme encourages residents to recycle their garden waste.

“Those who join the service get a roomy wheeled bin that is easy to fill as you walk it around your garden,” says spokeswoman Claire Faun.

“The bin holds your garden waste neatly in a corner; no more messy piles of rubbish blowing in the wind. Wheel your bin outside for the fortnightly collection, leaving you to sit back and smell the roses instead of using fuel and time going to the recycling centre.”

“We collect flowers, plants, grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings, almost all weeds, and even branches up to four inches across, and compost them in Somerset.”

Residents signing up have the option of receiving a green wheelie bin for their garden waste or garden waste sacks at a cost of £26 for 10 bags.

Letters are being sent to more than 10,000 current customers inviting them to renew their subscriptions, which are starting this month. Customers considering joining up can telephone 0300 303 7800 to order and pay.

“Having your garden waste collected can save time and fuel and can prevent mess in your car. Every bit of Sedgemoor’s garden waste is turned into Revive soil conditioner,” added Claire.

“Alongside a garden waste collection, home composting is a great way to turn your clippings and pruning’s, plus fruit and vegetable peelings and even shredded cardboard, into free soil conditioner. Low-cost compost bins can be purchased through Somerset Waste Partnership.”