A brave Brean fundraiser who is afraid of heights completed a cliff abseiling challenge for charity on Saturday (September 29th).

Garry Haines, who works at Brean’s Holiday Resort Unity, abseiled down Uphill’s 140ft quarry cliff face to raise money for charities across the south west as part of Heart FM’s ‘Make Some Noise Over The Edge challenge’.

He told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “After a nervous but exciting start and a safety briefing we took the long walk up to the top ready for our decent down.”

“I was excited, apprehensive and nervous all at the same time as I hate heights.”

“Once at the top the view was stunning on a clear sunny day – and one by one the people went over the edge.”

“My turn came and after getting kitted up, I was encouraged to lean backwards over the cliff edge.”

“I lowered myself back until I was 90 degrees on the face of the cliff with encouraging words from the expert instructor.”

“I started my decent and by the time i took five steps backwards I began to grow in confidence and started to enjoy the abseil!”

“Before I knew it, I was down on the ground and the feeling of pride and elation was over-powering!”

“I did it and overcame my fear of heights and in the process raised over £1,160 for the charity.”