GCSE revision platform The Study Buddy has been launched by a Burnham-On-Sea entrepreneur to help students all over the country to manage their GCSE revision.

The launch comes after research which revealed that 77% of teaching staff agree that their students are more stressed and anxious following the introduction of the new GCSE exam system last year, and The Study Buddy’s system focuses on time management to help students stay on track and feel more in control.

Parents are also left with the peace of mind that their children are getting on with their revision, without feeling like a nag!

“Students can feel under lot pressure in the run up to GCSEs” says Burnham-On-Sea resident Nathan McGurl, Founder of The Study Buddy.

“Not knowing where to start, worrying about the impact of bad results, or even finding the motivation to get going are just some of the issues that teenagers – and their parents – are facing.”

The Study Buddy is geared to over 250 GCSE syllabuses that are studied around the country.

Using modern project management principles, it breaks subjects down into bitesize chunks with time assigned to each and, importantly, allowing for down time – socialising, dog walking or the all-important lie in.

Nathan told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “This approach gives students clear, achievable objectives, safe in the knowledge that they are working towards clearly defined goals. This helps to build their confidence which is key to unlocking their potential.”

The Study Buddy method helps to relieve the pressure of ‘revision’ by focusing on specific units of work that can be completed within a pre-agreed time frame.  For parents, it means they can track their child’s progress and reward and encourage as needs be.  It can shape the conversation around revision into a positive, supportive one.

Nathan continued: “We’re so excited to launch The Study Buddy to help students locally and nationally to tackle their GCSE exam revision, as well as taking the stress away from parents who worry about how their children are coping with their revision workload.”

“By breaking down subjects into bitesize chunks and flexibly planning a week at a time, students know what has to be done, and can gear themselves to succeed.”

“The Study Buddy offers immediate support that not only helps students with their GCSE revision, but gives them techniques that they can take forward into life beyond these exams.”

The Study Buddy’s revision techniques are available at www.thestudybuddy.com.

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