King Alfred School Academy, Highbridge

The geography department at King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge has this week been named as one of the best in England for an eighth successive year.

The Geographical Association has awarded the certificate to the school for providing a clear narrative on what the department has been working on, plus its impressive exam results, and the students and leadership team regarding the department very highly.

The Association also says it saw evidence of excellent student behaviour and effort and that the department had an extremely positive impact on geography education as a whole.

Geography teacher and author geography books, Catherine Owen, said: “We have held Centre of Excellence status since our first application in 2011.  This recognises our contribution to quality geography at the highest level.”

“I am delighted that the geography department at TKASA has been recognised as one of the top in the country. “

“This is due to our deep knowledge of and passion for geography.  Our team works hard and collaboratively to provide the best possible experience for our geography students.”