Around 50 people attended a Berrow Parish Council meeting this week to hear about changes for walkers accessing the golf course.

Local residents flocked to Tuesday’s meeting to hear the discussion about Berrow residents having the freedom to walk anywhere on the Burnham and Berrow Golf Course 24 hours a day, without interfering with play.

“The Golf Club wanted to restrict the times so that walkers are not roaming between 8am to 7pm during the summer and 8am to 4pm during the winter,” said Parish Clerk John Augustus.

“The Parish Council solicitors had advised the council that the Golf Club were entitled to apply this restriction to a long held agreement.”

“There are two clearly marked public footpaths across the course giving access to the beach, and these remain open 24 hours a day without restriction.”

“The reasoning behind the revised agreement is that walkers cannot always be seen and there is a risk of being hit by a golf ball, and there is also dog mess where some dog walkers do not clear up after their dogs.”

“Although there was strong opposition from three parishioners, there was support from others who thought it reasonable and not a problem.”

A number of people attended because they understood that the proposal was to close the two footpaths crossing the course, which was not correct, as we reported here earlier this week.