Volunteers from Secret World Wildlife Rescue and BARB Search & Rescue were called out on Sunday to help this ‘distressed’ bird which had swallowed a fishing hook and line.

BARB’s inshore rescue boat crew was called out at 5pm to help the wildlife carers at Northam Farm Holiday Park in Brean. It was the second call-out of the day for BARB, which had assisted Coastguards with the rescue of a dog walker from sand dunes at Berrow.

A BARB spokesman said: “Our crews were called out for a second incident of the day to assist Secret World Wildlife Rescue. BARB’s inshore rescue boat was taken by road to Northam Farm Holiday Park in Brean where an injured goose was reported by the park’s staff to be in a distressed state on a lake, having swallowed a fishing hook and line.
The bird was quickly located and confirmed by Secret World’s team as needing to be retrieved.”

“Our boat was launched in the fading light with a bird net at the ready. On this occasion, the bird was not able to be rescued and it avoided capture.”

“Due to fading light and poor weather conditions, with high winds, hail and rain, it was deemed best that Secret World would re-evaluate the situation the next day. Secret World thanked BARB’s crews for their help.”

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