Two local women have donated more than 30 inches of hair between them to help a charity that supplies wigs free of charge to children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

Mandy Smith (46) and Sharon Salter (30) have held the fundraiser at Enhance Hair & Beauty in Burnham-On-Sea High Street to help the Little Princess Trust.

Mandy told “It’s horrendous enough that children have to deal with the pain and fear that goes with cancer, but to lose their hair too seems to add indignity to injury.”

“If we can help in any small way to relieve the worries of the patient and families then it’s a cause I’m happy to help.”

Both women had waist-length hair until the funsraiser when they had a shoulder crop, kindly supported by Neil and Susan at Enhance Hair and Beauty.

The charity Little Princess Trust makes the wigs available free of charge to young cancer patients, so both Mandy and Sharon are fundraising to help with the cost of turning their hair into wigs.

Sharon added: “It’s a terribly stressful time for families, so to provide the wigs free of charge is a real help.”

There’s still time to help the ladies raise funds by visiting their fundraising pages here and here. More information on The Little Princess Trust can be found here.