Burnham-On-Sea fire crews were called to help residents deal with several flooding incidents after torrential rain swept through the area on Tuesday (August 5th).

Summer storms briefly left several inches of rain water on streets in Burnham town centre, as pictured here.

Burnham-On-Sea fire crews were called to Knightstone Court in Highbridge Road, Burnham after water had gone through a roof and into the property’s electrical system. Crews helped to halt the incoming water.

In another incident on Tuesday afternoon, Burnham fire crews were also called to Vine Cottage Chiropodist Practice in Burnham’s Oxford Street where surface water had entered the property, causing flooding.

Meanwhile, residents in Burnham living either side of the lane between Lynton Road and Abingdon Street also saw flooding, caused by the poor state of blocked drains, as pictured on the right. They are calling on Somerset County Council to address the problem.

“We were flooded after Tuesday’s heavy rainfall – the back door leading into the kitchen had water gushing in and the drains all down the lane behind Lynton Road were blocked,” resident Clare Hunter told Burnham-On-Sea.com.

Residents say the same happened in mid-July when another thunderstorm hit the area.

“We were flooded all along the lane, and again water was rushing into our back yard and those of the other residents in the street.”

“This has been an ongoing problem for far too long. Elderly residents along the street have been unable to stop the water reaching further into their homes and damaging their possessions and it has gone far enough.”

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