A heron that was so weak it wasn’t expected to survive has been rescued and released back into the wild by local wildlife carers in the Burnham-On-Sea area.

During last month’s snowfall, the heron – which was named Horace by carers – was unable to find food and was found very cold and weak.

The heron had been found by two members of the public in Aisholt and brought into Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill by volunteer response driver Graeme Thompson.

When he arrived, the staff didn’t expect him to survive the night. However, with food, rest under the heat lamp and a bit of love and care, Horace has thrived. His weight went from a concerning 1kg to a healthier 1.5kg.

The heron was cared for by Secret World animal carer Sarah Tingvoll, who told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “When Horace was due to be released, we contacted the two members of the public who found and saved him. They were keen to be involved in his release.”

“We took Horace back to the site where he was found, so that he was on familiar territory. Once released, he instantly flew to a high tree top to wait until everyone had gone. We left his feeding bowl nearby with a hearty meal to tide him over and soon he will start catching his own fresh food.”