Flood gates in Burnham-On-Sea are being closed by the Environment Agency this weekend as a series of exceptionally high Spring tides are due.

The Environment Agency has issued a warning of possible flooding along the Bristol Channel coastline as several ‘supertides’ are set to take place.

A rare alignment of the sun, earth and moon is resulting in some of the highest tides for 18 years, bringing a risk of overtopping if winds whip up waves. Currently, there is a risk of high winds later on Sunday and into Monday.

In Burnham, there was a 12.2m tide on Saturday morning (February 21st) and further tides will follow at 8.50pm, then a 12.0m tide on Sunday at 9.10am and 9.30pm. Monday’s high tides are at 9.50am and 10.09pm.

Members of Burnham Sailing Club have been checking their boat moorings this week and walkers are being urged not to put themselves at risk by trying to get too close to the water’s edge.

The Environment Agency will be closing Burnham’s flood gates at the jetty, Sailing Club and Maddock’s Slade as a safety precaution.


Tide times for Burnham-On-Sea