Members of Burnham-On-Sea Sailing Club had a race against time and tide on their hands on Sunday when 65mph winds swept in.

The strong onshore winds coincided with a high tide, whipping up big waves, and leaving several yacht’s mooring lines broken and one vessel adrift.

Members were seen attempting to apply new ropes and secure the yachts to the pontoons at the height of the high winds.

Speaking to, Erik Torkildsen, Burnham-On-Sea Sailing Club’s commodore, said: “They were the windiest conditions we’ve seen in several years – and we had quite a job on our hands after a couple of yachts broke their mooring lines.”

“One yacht drifted into another boat and its anchor did some damage. A large 14-tonne boat also had to be dragged to a safe position. Our dinghy raft was also left unstable in the conditions as well.”

He added: “We were quite surprised at the strength of the winds. It was the worst conditions we’ve seen for years.”

“We will be further checking the lines this week as more gales are forecast.”