The boss of EDF has said that Brexit has “no impact” on its plans to build a new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point near Burnham-On-Sea.

“As of today, we believe that this vote has no impact on our strategy,” said Jean Bernard Levy, EDF Chairman.

“The strategy for our UK subsidiary has not changed. Our business strategy is not linked to Great Britain’s political affiliation with the European Union, so we have no reason to change it.”

Mr Levy emphasised in particular that there should be no fears of reconsidering plans to construct two EPR nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point, a gigantic £18 billion project, which is being challenged by the Group’s French trade unions and for which a final investment decision is pending.

“I would just point out that in the last few days, spokespeople on energy issues for the Brexit camp – notably Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom – have on numerous occasions and again in recent days come out in favour of maintaining the decarbonisation policy, of maintaining the nuclear option, and of maintaining the Hinkley Point project. Therefore there are no consequences from this vote today.”

EDF’s final investment decision on whether to proceed with Hinkley C is due to be taken in thre autumn after its ongoing consultation with unions is completed.