The government has confirmed that it will make a decision on the future of the Hinkley Point C project near Burnham-On-Sea “this month”.

On Tuesday, Energy minister Greg Clarke reiterated that the government will make a decision in September on whether the £18bn scheme will get the final go-ahead.

His comments came as he answered questions on Hinkley Point C, the project to build two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point, in the House of Commons.

Theresa May’s arrival as PM has seen a review of the whole project by the new administration, with an emphasis on the Chinese in1volvement, which is committed to part-funding the project to the tune of billions of pounds.

Burnham-On-Sea’s former MP, Liberal Democrat Tessa Munt, said last month that she believes Theresa May could scrap the project.

She said: “My sense is that Theresa May will bite the bullet, she has put the warning shots out there, and I think she will be brave enough to say no to the project.”

“I welcomed Theresa May’s review, because I’ve had doubts about Hinkley for my entire adult life. There is no design like the new design that is actually working in the whole world.”

There have also been worries about over-priced electricity, Chinese security concerns, and also fears over the unproven design of the two new reactors.

However, Hinkley Point C would be a crucial part of the UK’s future energy mix, providing 7% of the country’s total electricity needs when up and running in 2025. It is also expected to create 25,000 jobs.