King Alfred School Academy Highbridge

Hundreds of random acts of kindness have been carried out by students at Highbridge’s King Alfred School Academy.

Every student was asked to complete a random act of kindness such as buying a gift, saying some kind words, or doing a good deed.

Once these acts were achieved, the students wrote their names on blue balloons to signify their good deeds, which were tied to a tree in the school’s grounds.

The activities also saw 22 students become Princess Diana Ambassadors during anti-bullying week.

The ambassadors have been trained by the Princess Diana Award, a charity that sets out to put a stop to bullying and to foster, develop and inspire positive change in the lives of young people.

The school’s anti-bullying ambassador Hoshi Speight said: “It is my job to make everyone feel comfortable at school, having also done this at my primary school.”

The student ambassadors have also set up a ‘buddy bench’, on which one student will be sat during lunch times to talk to any students who need it.

The school is one of the fastest-improving schools in Somerset and also has a wide-ranging program to nurture students mental well-being.

Principal Nathan Jenkins said: “We are very proud of our students and the ‘random acts of kindness project’ was one of many initiatives driven by them.”

“It reminds every student that respect, kindness and good character are essential both in life and in our Academy.”

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