A man from near Burnham-On-Sea has been jailed for threatening to throw a female prison doctor down a staircase, stab her and hunt her down after his release.

Barry Veysey, 57, of Kingsway, Mark, threatened to kill the GP and her family during a row about his medication.

He left Dr Marjorie Peyton-Jones so frightened that she was unable to complete her rounds at Exeter Prison after Veysey shouted threats for a second time from his cell at the segregation unit.

He has previously been jailed for threatening to shoot a judge who presided over an earlier trial and he claimed to have contacts with the IRA.

Veysey denies making a threat to kill the doctor and putting her in fear of violence but was found guilty and jailed for four years at Exeter Crown Court. He was also cleared of threatening to kill a prison officer.

Recorder Timothy Grice told him: “These were extremely serious and really unpleasant and frightening threats. You intended them to be frightening and there is no doubt the doctor was very worried indeed about them.”

“That was your intention and what you achieved. She was a public servant doing her best to tend to the medical needs of people in prison. She was doing her job as conscientiously as she could.”

“You have previous convictions for this kind of conduct and making threats to people in positions of authority.”

James Taghdissian, prosecuting, told the court that Veysey has convictions for 107 previous offences. He was jailed for three years in 2009 at Worcester Crown Court for threatening to shoot a judge.

Veysey said he was angry with the doctor because she’d changed the medication he was receiving for ulcers on his legs and he had been left in great pain.

Nick O’ Brien, defending, said Veysey has been in custody on remand since April last year in relation to another offence which has still to be dealt with. He said he had previously been homeless and living in a caravan in woodland in Somerset.