An inquest has opened this week into the tragic death of a Highbridge woman and a Cheddar man in an M5 motorway crash.

Joanne Jennings, pictured, was killed when a lorry collided with a car queueing to leave the M5 at Taunton’s junction 25 at about 8.30am on Thursday September 13th, impacting six other vehicles.

At a hearing in Taunton Coroner’s Office this week, Tony Williams, senior coroner for Somerset, opened the inquests into the deaths of 45 year-old Joanne Jennings from Highbridge and 54 year-old Roderick Walsh from Cheddar.

The court heard that Joanne Jennings, a senior carer and the driver of one of the cars, was confirmed dead at 9am. An interim post mortem report confirmed the cause of death was head injuries, subject to further investigations.

Roderick Walsh died at 9.02am and was the passenger in one of the vehicles. An interim post mortem report found his cause of death was chest injuries.

A case management review will be held on or before January 14th, 2019.