Sedgemoor District Council has begun legal action to move a new group of three travellers in Burnham-On-Sea’s seafront car park at the back of B&M.

It comes after a large group of traveller vehicles vacated the Pier Street Car Park on Monday evening, as reported here, after they were given a Notice to Vacate.

However, a different group of three vehicles has arrived in the Pier Street Car Park.

“Legal staff visited the site with the Police on Wednesday – there are three caravans and associated vehicles at the Steart Gardens end of the car park,” said a council spokesperson.

“Welfare checks were carried out. Having done so, it was considered appropriate to serve the occupants with a notice to leave.”

They have therefore been served with a notice requiring them to leave by 12 noon today (Thursday).

If they fail to leave, the council says it will issue court proceedings for a possession order.

“Due to the rules around time between service of notice of a court hearing and the court hearing itself, we will not get a court hearing until early next week.”