Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called out to help two kayakers in difficulty at Brean Down on Sunday (August 27th).

The two kayakers were reported to be having difficulty getting around the tip of Brean Down.

The Coastguard team sprang into action, leaving Burnham’s Rescue Services Day, and arrived on scene at Brean Down soon after.

Weston lifeboats were also tasked to help since the kayakers were judged to be the nearest water rescue asset and time was critical.

On arriving at the fort, they found one kayaker had reached the Down and was perched right on the end, and had managed to drag his kayak to the top.

The other kayaker was picked up by one of the lifeboats and taken to safety.

Three of the Coastguard team donned lifejackets and carried the kayak around the fort and down to a set of steps which leads to the water’s edge.

The smaller lifeboat then met the Coastguards and they handed over the kayak and the barefoot casualty where they were ferried back to shore in Weston Bay where they had originally come from.

With multiple 999 calls coming in about the kayakers it was clear that people were rightly worried for their safety and and had the presence of mind to dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards.

Pictured: The scenes at Brean Down on Sunday afternoon (photos: Burnham Coastguard / Facebook)