A kingfisher that suffered a nasty head trauma is set to return to the wild after treatment from wildlife carers from the Burnham-On-Sea area.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill admitted the colourful bird after it accidently flew into a window.

The bird was found stunned with its eyes shut on the ground in Chew Magna, North East Somerset.

Fearing the worst, the homeowner contacted Secret World and the bird was subsequently taken to the charity for care and assessment. Luckily for the bird, its collision with the window left no long-term injuries.

Dan Bryant, animal carer at Secret World, told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “There was a slight trauma to the bird’s head, but it didn’t sustain any other injuries. We will place it in one of our flight aviaries to make sure it’s able to fly. If that’s a success, we will release it back into the wild.”

Since January, Secret World Wildlife Rescue has admitted three kingfishers, including the bird pictured here.