Two kite surfers in difficulty at Brean Down were rescued by lifeboats on Monday morning (October 5th).

Lifeboat crews from Weston were called out just before 11am after a member of the public saw the two apparently in difficulties near the north side of Brean Down.

Both boats were launched within minutes and raced to investigate and the crews found the surfers in the water with their kites unusable due to a lack of wind.

The surfers had decided to try to swim to the beach at Uphill but the strong tides were making this difficult.

Although one of the casualties was in reasonably good condition the other was getting cold and becoming exhausted.

As a result, the crew took them and their equipment onboard and carried them to the beach where they were checked over by the Coastguard to see if they needed medical assistance.

Nigel Congram, helmsman, said: “For us this was a simple call but for the two in the water it could have been very different. The tides in the Bristol Channel in general are very strong and difficult to swim against. A least one of these surfers was unlikely to make it to land if we had not been there.”