Members of the Labour Party in the Burnham-On-Sea area have welcomed the appointment of Jeremy Corbyn as their new leader.

Alan Beech, who stood for Labour in the Highbridge and Burnham ward in May’s district council elections, said: “Jeremy’s win is a hugely positive step towards a Labour Party which stands up for everyone in our society rather than just the few at the top.”

“This will be a Labour Party which is proud to talk about its values rather than trying to emulate the Tories, a party that can defend itself against the lies and smears of the right wing press, a Labour Party of mass membership welcoming the tens of thousands of people who felt they had no home in British politics.”

Alan, who lives in the village of Mark, added: “It’s not going to be easy, but I for one relish the challenge and look forward working with members new, old and re-joined to fight for decency and equality in our society.”

Sedgemoor Labour councillor Brian Smedley added: “This is a great victory and a turning point for the Labour movement. It’s the end of defeat and the end of defeatism. It’s the opening up of the Labour party to the people that it was created to represent and it sends a clear and alternative socialist message to the Tory agenda of austerity and inequality.”