Sanders garden centre intruders

Brent Knoll’s Sanders Garden Centre has issued an appeal for information after two late night intruders caused a security scare.

CCTV footage recorded two people in balaclavas enter the site just after 11pm on Thursday, as pictured here, and then flee when they were told that Police were on their way.

A spokesperson told “Our on site security company alerted us at 11.05pm on Thursday that the police had been called out to apprehend two intruders who had triggered our perimeter sensors and were seen attempting to enter the site.”

“They were both wearing balaclavas which makes us believe that they were intending to commit a crime.”

“They were tracked on CCTV by the control centre and warned over the tannoy that the police were en route. By the time the police and dog handler arrived they had both fled on foot.”

If any members of the public have any information that may help with enquiries contact the garden centre on 01278 282005.