Published: August 11 , 2015
Burnham gardens to host Light Up The Lake ceremony

Burnham’s St Andrew’s Church will be hosting the second annual Light up the Lake event in Marine Cove on Tuesday (August 11th) at 7pm.

This special event provides an poignant opportunity to support Weston Hospice by remembering a loved one by lighting a coloured lamps with a personalised message, floating a flower in the lake and making a donation for the work of the hospice.

Reverend Sharon Eldergill said: “The event is open to all in the beautiful setting of Marine Cove where last year around 70 people gathered to remember and reflect upon relatives and friends who have died, and are yet cherished and held in precious memories.”

“This year the event will include time for reflection, poetry and live music, and refreshments will be provided by Somewhere House and available for a small donation towards their work of addiction recovery here in Burnham.”

NB: Please note that due to a late technical change, this event has been switched to Burnham’s St Andrew’s Church where a ‘Light Up The Labyrinth’ ceremony will be held instead.