Work is underway this week to give Burnham-On-Sea’s iconic beach lighthouse a major £20,000 makeover.

The Grade II listed building – which was originally built in 1832 – has paint peeling from its sides and rust in several areas that is being addressed.

Sedgemoor District Council recently awarded a contract to a commercial firm, Community Clean, to repair and paint the exterior of the building, which has got started this week during the calm weather.

“The lighthouse needs a thorough re-paint every seven years or so because it is in a marine environment and exposed to salty air, spray and windy conditions,” council spokeswoman Claire Faun told

“It’s important to keep it looking at its best for residents and visitors – the lighthouse is an iconic photographic image, especially set against the dramatic sunsets thanks to the quality of light for which Burnham-On-Sea is well-known.”

Using a high-tech cherry-picker, the staff from Community Clean have been preparing and painting the building, including its 32m² pyramid roof, timber cladding, red stripe, nine timber support pilings and the metal access staircase.

They are using specialist marine paint that’s apparently well suited to an extreme environment and exposure to salty air, spray and high winds.

The project is scheduled to be completed by late September 2016. The lighthouse’s exterior was last decorated in 2010.

Pictured: The work underway at Burnham-On-Sea lighthouse this week with a high-tech cherry-picker to reach all parts of the building (pics & Al Crook)