Litter discarded in Burnham-On-Sea has been transformed into art that has gone on show at a unique exhibition in the town this week.

Pieces of plastic bottles, aluminium cans and other rubbish have been collected by Burnham artist Janine Wharmby to create colourful clothing and artwork.

Her thought-provoking exhibition, called ‘Litterally Art’, is currently on display in Burnham-On-Sea’s Princess Theatre Arts Lounge until December 2nd.

Talking to, she said the exhibition has a serious message. “The art asks visitors to consider their impact on the environment and to think more about reducing waste, re-using it, and recycling it.”

She added: “All materials have been re-used, given to me or found me – I always have a bonanza after the carnival when there is so much litter left behind.”

“I have sacks of aluminium cans – all were picked up along me walks. I take them home, sterilise them and use them to make something attractive.”

“Many people despair of our throwaway culture.”

At a quick glance, visitors to the exhibition struggle to see tell whether rubbish has been used.

It’s only when the artwork is viewed up close, as pictured above, that the true source of the colourful items becomes clear.

Drink brands such as Coca-Cola, Monster Energy and Thatchers can be seen among the shapes and designs cleverly placed.

Here, a colourful piece of ladies clothing features a marine theme with fish and octopus shapes swimming in the sea.

But take a closer look, as above, and in fact the shapes are made from drinks cans from well-known brands.

Janine’s Burnham-On-Sea exhibition also features this colourful scene of butterflies on a painted canvas.

Zoom in for a close-up look and the real source of the artwork becomes clear, as pictured above.

Janine hopes the display will encourage people to think more about reducing waste, re-using it, and recycling it.

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