Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge residents are being urged to dispose of their household waste legally or risk a fine – with one resident already getting a £250 fine.

Staff from Sedgemoor District Council’s Clean Surroundings team say they have found household waste dumped into or next to public litter bins several times recently.

Claire Faun, a spokeswoman for the council, says one Burnham-On-Sea resident has recently been fined £250 via a fixed penalty notice for dumping two bags of household waste near a litter bin in the town’s Manor Gardens.

The council is now advising residents on how to dispose of household waste legally so they can avoid a fine.

“There are only two legal ways to get rid of your household waste – either by kerbside collection or by taking it to a recycling centre,” added Mrs Faun.

“There have been several incidents over recent months where Sedgemoor’s Clean Surroundings staff have found household waste placed into or adjacent to a public litter bin.”

“The culprits have been traced and formally warned about committing this offence – not everyone realises that household waste must go out to kerbside collection or be delivered to a registered waste disposal site.”

She added: “Equally, trade waste, which means any waste from business activities or premises, must be disposed of by way of a trade waste agreement and not deposited in a public litterbin.”

Your nearest recycling centre can be found here.