A brand new study has this week revealed that thousands of motorists are continuing to exceed the 30mph speed limit along Marine Drive in Burnham-On-Sea, with some travelling at over 50mph, prompting a ‘shocked’ councillor to call for more action to combat the problem.

Official data gathered by a Somerset County Council during two weeks this month has found some drivers are travelling at more than 50mph.

Of 19,499 vehicles monitored by the device between October 30th and November 12th, just 6,772 were travelling at the 30mph limit or slower.

11,863 vehicles were travelling at between 30-40mph and 816 were driving at 40-50mph. A further 48 vehicles were clocked at over 50mph.

The figures were discussed by town councillors at their latest meeting on Monday (November 24th).

Cllr Paul Young told Burnham-On-Sea.com afterwards: “It’s actually quite a shock that some motorists are driving along this residential road at over 50mph.”

“Something clearly needs to be done to address this to reduce the number of drivers putting people’s safety at risk.”

“More needs to be done to make it safer. I’d like to see new painted lines along the road to make it feel narrower and less like a wide, open road. Perhaps we also need higher-profile policing too

The figures, gathered by Somerset County Council for the Town Council using a Speed Indicator Device (pictured above), have been passed to the police who will consider stepping up speed checks.

A spokesman for Somerset County Council said there are currently no plans to introduce traffic calming measures in Marine Drive.