Burnham-On-Sea’s Member of the European Parliament (MEP) has spoken out after being expelled from the Conservative Party over her opposition to the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan.

Julie Girling, Conservative MEP for the South West, confirmed to Burnham-On-Sea.com on Monday (October 1st): “I have received a letter from the Chairman of the Conservatives expelling me from the Party.”

“I believe that this is an extreme and disproportionate measure which illustrates an increasing level of intolerance within the Party, particularly on the issue of Brexit.”

“It is no secret that I disagree with the PM on her strategy, as do many others, but I am being treated very differently from others in the Party, especially those with a much higher public profile.”

“These are the tactics of a bully but I refuse to play the role of victim.”

“I intend to direct my political energies into the People’s Vote campaign and ensure that the final say on any deal is put to test at the ballot box.”

Julie Girling made a high-profile visit to Burnham-On-Sea in 2014 at the start of a campaign to improve the town’s sea water quality.