Shifting mud and sand on Burnham-On-Sea’s beach has revealed part of the town’s former Marine Lake swimming pool… and a few other treasures this week.

A metal detecting enthusiast has found two rings in the mud around the wooden stakes and stones where the pool once stood many decades ago.

Morley Howard told “A lot of sand and mud has been washed away from here in recent weeks – the beach is the shallowest I’ve seen for several years.”

“I’ve found a copper gold-plated 1920s ring and another ring in the area where people would have swum in Marine Lake all those years ago.”

Marine Lake opened in 1931 and was used for swimming and boating. It was later removed due to heavy silting and erosion.

Morley added: “You never know what you’ll find – I’ve dug up many coins and clothing pins as well here over the years.”

“There are so many historical items to find underground, some of which are some value.”

Last year, we reported here how Morley found a solid gold ring in a field near Highbridge.