A Burnham-On-Sea author has launched a new publication about a famous British explorer.

Michael Turner, 59, has spent much of his life writing about his travels and following in the footsteps of the explorer Sir Francis Drake.

Michael has just published the second edition of his 15,000-word booklet about Sir Francis and The Golden Hind.

After selling 2,000 copies, the second edition carries more words and includes more refined detail and accuracy.

“I have photographed scores of places in over 40 countries that have been visited by Sir Francis Drake in order to compile a very accurate compendium,” he told Burnham-On-Sea.com.

“It comprises a biography followed by an analysis of Drake as a person. For this, I gathered descriptions of Drake by those who knew him. The world voyage is uniquely tabulated as a ship’s log of every place visited, coupled with maximum detail, yet succinctly presented.”

“Drake’s ship, which was the first English vessel to sail around the world, is described in full detail and where to find her remains. For the first time ever, a list of every item observed on board is listed.”

The 40-page booklet, complete with a map and 31 colour plates, is available at GW Hurley’s bookshop in Burnham priced £4.

Photo: Michael Turner at the Drake statue at Plymouth Hoe

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