A 20 year-old entrepreneur from Burnham-On-Sea who runs his own business could win an award for an invention that helps companies ensure their staff are safe away from work.

Mike Turner has devised Staff Guardian, a Web-based system which uses satellite tracking so staff can be monitored when working off-site and an SOS button if they get into trouble.

Staff Guardian has been shortlisted for the Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards ahead of 140 rival applications just three weeks after its launch.

“We are delighted to be on the shortlist. Staff Guardian has been in the making for several months but we’ve only been live for a few weeks and to be recognised so quickly is a real boost,” Mike told Burnham-On-Sea.com.

Mike’s technology allows users to sit at a computer and watch their staff’s movements to ensure their safety and monitor their performance. This is made possible by the GPS device sending location data to the internet continuously.

This is a first in the industry and Mike has worked around both the technological and cost challenges associated with making Staff Guardian a viable product.

“It’s a breakthrough really,” said Mike, who has invested several thousand pounds of his own money into the project so far. “We looked at what was available already for lone and remote staff and decided we could do better. A lot of hard work, hardware and software development, along with rigorous testing combines to bring a product to market that will really improve the way businesses can support their remote staff.”

“Staff Guardian devices have SOS buttons for staff to press if they get into a difficulty. When you press the SOS button an emergency alert is automatically sent to a nominated colleague. It’s quicker than making a call on your mobile – especially for people being attacked or who have been injured, the SOS button is a lifeline.”

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