A huge search was launched on Thursday evening (July 12th) after two swimmers were feared to be missing in the sea.

A Coastguard helicopter, Police, two RNLI lifeboats and a team of Burnham Coastguards were called to The Pavilion just after 6pm.

A thorough search of the coastline between the jetty and low lighthouse was conducted until 7.04pm when crews were stood down.

Two swimmers had been feared missing but Police said that no-one had been reported missing and it was believed to be a “false alarm with good intent.”

A Burnham Coastguard spokesman said: “The team was paged just after 6pm with reports that two persons were struggling in the water. The tide was incoming and it just right for people to be taking a dip.”

“We arrived on scene quickly as the Burnham lifeboats were launching from the jetty. Due to the nature of the call Coastguard helicopter Rescue 187 was tasked from its base in St Athan.”

“We liaised with the first informants who had called it in, they had seen a pair of swimmers who looked to be splashing around who then disappeared out of sight.”

“The Coastguard Operations Centre in Milford Haven tasked the Lifeboats to do a search parallel with the shore, and speak to other swimmers who were in the vicinity. Rescue 187 performed a low flight search using their specialist camera equipment for any heat signals.”

“While this was all being carried out, three of our team members were set up in water rescue equipment and sent on a foot search along the steps and under the pier. With an incoming tide if anyone was in difficulty they may be pushed back inland and caught on the structure.”

“They then carried out a foot search along the beach towards the lower lighthouse talking to anyone on the beach to see if there were any other sightings.”

“Police arrived to assist us and informed us that no persons had been reported missing. After extensive enquiries in the local area on a very busy seafront and beach, no other persons had spotted the two in difficulty.”

The spokesman added: “With this in mind and all areas checked and double checked, by all units, we were stood down by Milford Haven.”

“It was fair to say that this was a well-intended call. We are happy that no one was in any difficulty and the first informant did exactly the right thing in calling us.”