MP James Heappey in the House of Commons

MPs have this week voted to take control of House of Commons business in an unprecedented move to try to find a majority for any Brexit option – but Burnham-On-Sea’s MP did not support the move.

During Monday night’s vote, MP James Heappey voted with the Government, which was defeated by 329 votes to 302 on the cross-party amendment. It means MPs will get a series of votes on Wednesday to try and find what kind of Brexit they will support.

Burnham-On-Sea’s MP James Heappey voted against Conservative MP Sir Oliver Letwin’s and Labour MP Hilary Benn’s amendment to allow MPs to take control of Commons business and put forward their own motions relating to Brexit.

He also voted against Labour MP Dame Margaret Beckett’s Commons amendment to allow MPs a vote on a no-deal Brexit or to request an extension, should the UK come within seven days of leaving the EU without a deal.

Earlier this month, James Heappey warned of a ‘catastrophic breakdown of trust in democracy’ if Brexit is not delivered.

He said: “We must deliver Brexit – in whatever shape. Not to do so would cause the most catastrophic breakdown of trust in our democracy.”

“I fear however that I’ll be in a minority in the House of Commons in taking that view and that worries me greatly.”

“Parliament is in grave danger of losing touch with the people we’re supposed to represent. My fellow MPs and I need to get a grip. And quickly.”


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